What is your Mindset?


Have the right mindset and you will be set for a much better you. :)

Guest Post: Love Your Home: Be Happier, Healthier And More Energetic

When talking about this one sacred place we call home, one of the first things that occur to the mind is coziness. It is indeed one of the essential factors to help us build the place that makes us feel like home. Feeling comfortable at home and enjoying your time there is very important for the quality of your being and is a good way to help you lead a positive and fulfilling life. What you do at home and how you it makes you feel, has a huge impact on your entire existence. Therefore, it’s a major issue to try to make the best of your place, so that you can wholeheartedly state that you love your home. There are several things you can do in order to be happy about spending quality time at home and thus to lead a more energetic and healthier life. Here are some tips on how to turn your home into a piece of heaven that gives you an amazing positive vibe.

 Improve Your Home

It is true that the appearance of your home reflects on your emotions and feelings. The better your home looks, the more you like it. Respectively, the more you like it, the better you feel and the happier you are. Sometimes simple home improvements can make a significant change for good and help you create a lovely and attractive home. Look around and try to picture some details that you might tailor a bit and improve without much effort. Decorate your walls with a nice inspiring picture, or repaint one wall in a joyful colour that will make you smile each time you see it. Place a beautiful vase with fresh flowers on the coffee table in the living room or a big potted plant on the floor. There are several things you can do to improve your home, so that you feel much better about it.

 DIY Ideas

One of the best ways to improve your home is to do something yourself. It will certainly give you a great pleasure to know that you have an actual finger in the pie. A very interesting and easy idea to decorate your walls on your own is to create a beautiful piece of art. What you need is a box of pastels, a hair dryer, glue and a canvas. Arrange the pastels on the top of the canvas, so that they cover the whole end and are situated next to one another. Then glue them and use the hair dryer to melt them. The colours will shortly start going down the canvas, creating a beautiful rainbow. Here is one very simple way to do something by yourself that will improve your place and give you a positive feeling.

 Clean To Relieve Stress

Cleaning is a good way to kill two birds with one stone – it helps you relieve stress and by the time you’ve started to feel better, your home will be significantly cleaner. What you can do to make the process of cleaning an even better method to relax, is to play some nice music of your preference and let it inspire you while you clean. Do everything slowly, don’t be in a hurry and let yourself enjoy the process of making everything nice and clean. It is not only the movements you make what helps you relieve stress and feel better. Cleaning and getting rid of the clutter within your house is a way to psychologically impact yourself in a positive way. Thus, you benefit in two ways – by enjoying a cleaner place and also feeling more relaxed.

chuckdean About the Author:
Chuck Dean is a business owner and loves to read self-improvement blogs that would suite his lifestyle.
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Be a Teamplayer

Team player.

We would usually see it in job descriptions as a requirement to qualify to a certain position in a company. I’ve heard about this since I started looking for work and this word constantly appear to any job search I tried. I looked it up in google, and here is what I saw. team playerBut, why is it such big of a deal?
Teamwork is essential to make work less stressful; if you belong to a wonderful team of people, work would suddenly feel as if you’re not working. Somehow, you learn to love what you do because you feel safe around these people and once you belong to an awesome team, you’ll never drag yourself to work. That is why building a good team will always be a necessity at any workplace. On the other hand, how can one be a good team player? What can you do to contribute to the greatness of a team?

Team of ants work with mushroom, teamwork

1. Know that Not Everyone can be a Leader – AT THE SAME TIME

Everyone can become a leader and be the driver of the boat. On the other hand, nothing will be finished if everyone is the brain and nobody is doing the dirty work. A human being isn’t composed of all brains, you have your hands, your feet, your heart and your systems to do the work. If everyone is talking and no one is listening, nothing will be done.

Take turns. One person at a time. If you have any idea in mind, let others finish what they have to say and when it’s your turn to shine, own it. Sometimes, a leader may not be an initiator or creator of ideas, sometimes, a leader has to know how to facilitate people and organize ideas to come up with one awesome plan. 

2. Perform Your Role With All Your Might

According to this book, How to Say it For First Time Managers by Jack Griffin, there are four essential part of a team.

  • The Creators
  • The Refiners
  • The Advancers
  • The Executors

And everyone can be of different role in every circumstance and every type of member is as important as the others. It’s not always the Creator or the Initiator that is important and the critics are not always the assholes. The combination of the fours makes a team awesome. They only need to work harmoniously so they’d come up with a great idea.

The leader should be the one to put them together in a way that they would stick to each other. You don’t use a paper glue to stick on two woods together – you might need a nail and a hammer to keep them in place.

Always remember a team comprises of a leader and people. Without people, leader would be as useless as none.

3. Respect Each Other’s Opinions, Differences and Weaknesses

As an individual, we are entitled to have our own opinions and values and as part of a group, we have to respect each other’s personality to keep the harmony. Be assertive but at the same time, be open-minded and be sensitive to others. You don’t know where they are coming from.

There may be differences in the group’s personality, learn to adjust to one another. As what in desiderata says, “Be in good terms with all persons.” Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone is perfect but always dwell on the positive side rather than the negative. Accept each other’s flaws and short comings.

4. Believe in Yourself

Support each other. Learn to trust each other so everyone will believe in what they can do themselves. Lift each other up when one is feeling down. Remember the down fall of one is the downfall of all.

5. If Friction Arise, Learn Not to Take Sides

Don’t be too personal. The issue is not the person but what has transpired in that situation. Most team fall apart because of the mini groups formed within. If there is a rife within the group member, try to know what has caused this and resolve the problem from within. Talk to each other and dig on what seem to be problem. Smallest issue must be taken cared of because it will eventually bottle up and can cause more damage.

DO NOT ADD WOOD TO THE FIRE  by uttering comments that can worsen the rife. In every problem, one resolution can always solve it – COMMUNICATION. Communicate what you want and learn to compromise as well.

Being a part of a team, even though you thought you are the smallest and you thought you are the most irrelevant part of it, consider yourself as a peso or a cent. A MILLION will never be called a MILLION without you in it. Every team player is as important as a leader is.


Guest Post: Improve Your Daily Schedule

White Board Schedule, Markers, Eraser  Are you among these people who are constantly complaining that they are too pressed for time and therefore unable to run all the errands they are supposed to during the day. Don’t you think that improving your schedule, making it more flexible and easy to follow can greatly improve your ability to cope with all the tasks at your home, office, garden and even find some time for yourself? Make the necessary changes and start doing more things that make you happy.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the good sleep. An adult needs to sleep between 6 and 8 hours per night in order to be energetic and productive during the day.
  • It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal for the day. Under no circumstances should you miss it but you have to make sure it is healthy and nutritional. Having an abundant breakfast will save you time for snacks during the main meals and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your body.
  • Do your best not to neglect your appearance and absorb yourself in performing the tedious daily tasks. You need no more than 20 minutes a day to look good and rest assured it will be noticed by your friends and co workers.
  • In general, there are two types of people – those who are more productive in the morning and those who get energetic in the afternoon. If your manager allows so, set your personal working hours. Always perform the most difficult and time – consuming responsibilities at that time when you feel in a top form. Prolonging and postponing the unpleasant tasks won’t do you a good favor.
  • Before leaving the office take your time and make a list of all the things you have to do the next day. It will enable you to go straight to the work instead of wasting time and getting distracted while planning the daily activities.
  • If you are the only one within the household who really cares about cleanliness and neatness, it’s time for changes. Ask your spouse or your kids help you do the weekly cleaning. Throwing the rubbish and wiping down the computer screen are easy cleaning procedures that can be performed by everyone. They don’t take more than 10 minutes but when you have to do everything on your own, every minute counts. However, when divided by PerfectCleaning, house chores take much less time.
  • Even if you are really busy, don’t forget your friends and family. They can help you overcome the stress you are exposed to. Sharing your issues and concerns with your closest ones and spending some time outdoors will greatly improve your mood and reduce the anxiety.
  • Minimize the time you spend in front of the computer. Don’t you think that there are much more enjoyable activities than spending the evening browsing in the social networks and reading nonsense? If you want to use them anyway, set up a meeting with friends, read the latest book of your favorite author, listen to your favorite music.
  • Find some time to workout. Concentrating on the proper performance of the exercise will help you be fit and forget about the daily worries for a while. However, if you don’t have to go to the gym sporadically. Set two or three days of the week when you can go and do some training and stick to your new schedule.It is never too late to start all over, rearrange and prioritize your goals. There is time for everything you want to do and you can undoubtedly find the happy medium between work, family and fun.

chuckdean About the Author:
Chuck Dean is a business owner and loves to read self-improvement blogs that would suite his lifestyle.


So, You Think You’ve Got No Superpowers?



Those are single words which ranges from 4 letters and more.
Those were short, yet, imagine yourself receiving those words.
Imagine your boss saying, “You are stupid.” or saying, ” You are Lovely!” or what if he’d say, “You’ve done a perfect work”. What do you think would you feel? Do you think those words can change your mood right from that instant? Do you think it will affect your whole day?

Imagine your office mate or classmate saying “Bitch!” in front of your face.
What do you think would you feel?

But what if that classmate/office mate would say, “You are pretty today.”
What do you think will you feel?

Again, it’s endless.

See how words can transform one simple day to a day full of happiness and love?
Or those same words can make you feel angry and fearful?

That is the power of words.
Words can work like a magic wand.
Just say something good and the person receiving it will feel good in an instant and just say something bad, they’d feel down and weary thereafter.

See how powerful you are?

When you choose your words properly, you’d also choose the power you’d put into your hands.

You have the power to encourage or discourage, motivate or degrade or invite or reject.


Therefore, if you choose your words, you will also choose your own superpowers.

So, You Think You’ve Got No Superpowers?

Think Again. :)

Movie Suggestion: The Miracle Worker

What is this movie all about? And what makes this movie interesting?

This movie is an old movie that was recommended to me by my sister who is taking up BS in Education Major in Special Education. This is one of their assignments in school and just like her, I was moved by it.

This movie is about the story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. Who wouldn’t know the tandem of those two most inspirational women of all time? I’ve been dying to read or watch a movie about them, especially Helen Keller because I want to know how did they become the two most talked about women in history.

At first, I thought that I will be moved by Helen but I was wrong. It was Anne Sullivan that has really touched my heart. Because of her patience, passion and dedication.

Teaching someone like Helen who is physically challenged was really difficult: physically exhausting and mind-blowing. A person like Helen needs a strong person to understand her and teach her the  things she needs to know about life. Through out the movie, Anne never treated Helen as a student but as her own child. She loved her more than any person could.

One thing I’ve learned, is the importance of discipline to a child. As parents, there are times when you want to indulge your children in every way or any thing that they want; to the point of spoiling them. I’ve realized that saying “no” to some of their “wants” may be the way for them to learn values that they have to know – patience, humility and respect to name a few.

Communication. This is the main gist of this movie. This is the key to a better relationship.

It seem’s like Helen is not the only one who should learn how to communicate.”

That is what Anne said to Helen’s bother and this has ignited his brother to speak up his mind and tell his parents what he really wants.

Anne Sullivan is indeed a Miracle Worker.