Two Types Of Journal

Pen and Journal…because I rant not, neither rave of what I feel, can you be so shallow as to dream that I feel nothing? ” R.D. Blackmore

Sometimes, people thought you never had any problems because you always smile, bring good vibes and would always be cool even in heated situations. But in reality, no one was spared of any problems. For girls, depression may even be hormonal, that no matter how much you tried your best, you’d still feel stuck and felt like crying.

That is why, I have two types of journal. My happy journal and my ranting journal. Happy journal would be the blog that I maintain while the ranting blog is just a spare notebook that I can throw any time.

Why do you need to have those two types of journal?

Sometimes, you have nobody to entrust your feelings to. Your friends are busy with their lives; you just don’t want to disturb them and unfortunately, at times, you’d be left alone. When you’re faced with a problem, sometimes, all you need is to just let it out. That is the exact explanation why social media has been an avenue for the said rantings.

How many times have we read nasty exchange of ranting posts in Facebook from our friend list? How many times have they left you wondering, what the hell is happening to that friend of yours? Sometimes, when faced in an awkward scene, you’d immediately get your phone and type a simple word of frustration in twitter – I am so guilty of it too.

But, social media platforms shouldn’t be the right place to write all your temporary feelings. Yes, those problems and depression that you are feeling are just temporary. After awhile, once you’ve let it out, you’d feel better. But, since you’ve posted it somewhere, while all your friends have read it, it will become a topic of gossip in your circle of friends, in your office, school or your parents might even worry about how you are doing. Where in fact, you just let it out of you.

Have you ever felt that feeling when you just deleted what you have posted because you ain’t feeling that same tension after a few hours of posting it?

Anger can let you do a lot of stupid things. Maybe not only anger. Even frustrations and disappointments toward something or someone. 

That is what your ranting journal is all about. Sometimes, negative vibes is too much to handle. But do not let these feelings control you. You must be the one in control.

As what they said, if you are angry, count from 1 to 10, if it’s not enough, count until 100. Words posted in any social account can mean a lot to others and may then be misinterpreted by others. If your feelings are too much to handle, just write it down in your ranting journal.

On the other hand, keeping a happy journal can make a difference too. This is the journal that you can read over and over again because it contains happy memories.

Remember, writing what you feel is like taking a picture – it becomes a memory. What type of memory do you want to remember? A feeling of frustration or a Happy one? It’s your choice.

Happy or sad

Guest Post: Take The Focus Back to You

Anne AamoneIf you have ever been in a long-lasting relationship, you are probably acquainted with all the sacrifices that you need to make constantly. It always comes to putting your partner’s needs at first place which often leads to ignoring your priorities and activities. Of course thinking about the other person always help us to realize that we are not all alone on that planet and that we need to get rid of the selfish behaviour that we tend to demonstrate without even realizing it.

I have to admit that maintaining a stable and serious relationship, where responsibilities are shared is more than challenge. There are a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome every single day and sometimes it is really hard not to lose your identity when you have committed all of your efforts on the relationship.

To take the focus back to you is not so difficult, if you are really determined to strive for your priorities. After all, true love has always have the power to survive even when faced in front of challenges. I will give you valuable advice how to cope with preserving your personality and way of living when you are in a relationship.

Discuss With Your Partner Your Hobbies and Interests

Find time to talk about your hobbies and interests and how you will fit them in your schedule. Do not neglect them, because you think that you won’t have time for your beloved one. I assure you that one or two hours, twice a week won’t represent a problem for your relationship. If your partner really respects you as a person he or she will be delighted with the idea that you want to develop your skills in a certain area. It is important to explain that you need the possibility to pay attention to your own interests, which, of course does not mean that you will sacrifice your relationship.

Make a List With Your Priorities

If you want to be sincere with your partner and, of course, to yourself, think about three priorities in your life, including your relationship. Make a list and write them down. If you have put aside some of them only because you are in a relationship, I assure you that this is definitely not the right thing. Compromises could be made both ways, so it is better to talk to your partner and to find a solution that will let you be yourself, with some of your priorities and professional activities.

Do not Lie about Your Plans and Intentions

As your relationship with your partner gets more and more serious, you are well aware that lies will only cause you a lot of problems to solve. Especially when it comes to priorities I advise you not to mislead the person in front of you, if your intentions are to focus strictly on yourself. Instead you can try to be honest and to find a solution that will save your relationship without stopping you from following your dreams. Although it sounds quite easy, I guarantee you that these issues require a lot of discussions and sleepless nights, so prepare yourself with a lot of patience.

These are the valuable tips that will allow you to focus on yourself,without ignoring your beloved one. Sharing the cleaning duties now seems like a child’s play but if you really count on your relationship you will find a decision to this problem that will let you follow your dream without hurting your partner. True love is capable of winning all the battles that are offered, so do not be afraid to hold your hands and to accept this challenge.

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About the Author
Anna Aamone is currently working on multiple projects. She hardly has time for herself but she enjoys this dynamic and exciting lifestyle.

Guest Post: What is the most valuable thing in the world ?

pan thaiI think it’s time.

Because everything is acquired in time and all of human’s business is conducted by time. You could have food, clothing, fabulous homes, wisdom – have all you want, but if you do not have time, it means you have nothing.

As we go through life, we  realize, if there is anything in the world which will never come back again, it is time. There is a saying “Time and tide waits for none”. The saying is indeed true. Time waits for none. It comes and goes. No one can buy it. Nothing on earth can subdue or conquer it.

Someone said “Time is a precious thing” that God give us 24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds equally.
So, we all have a precious treasure called, time. Each of us obtains it 86,400 seconds per day. Do we spend it on the right way or let it go slowly ? You think God will give you a new day, that is filled with 86,400 seconds and because of this, you’ll just spend time aimlessly, right? I think most of the successful people use it reasonably and doubtlessly. Great men and women used their every moments most profitably and economically. It’s through this method that they have invented great things, discovered wonderful things and left their footprints on the sand of time.

I used to think that I have too much time to waste, but today my time is fading away little by little. I have no time anymore even though God will give me 24 hours tomorrow – and that’s for sure. But I feel…feel like I need more time…more than I have before.

So now, if you are young. Do not think like my childish idea. You should never postpone doing good or important things. You should never be idle when you ought to be working hard. Leisure is enjoyable only if it yearns to fruitful hard work. It’s our duty to not leave any work till tomorrow that can be done today and now.

Someone who wastes time uselessly will some day be wasted by time because they don’t gain anything from the time they waste.

Time is powerful. It conquers all.Analog Clock at 9 o clock
A student who has to repeat another year knows the value of time in one year.
A mother who looks after her child knows the value of time in one month.
A weekly newspaper editor who doesn’t send his work in time knows the value of time in one week.
A man who is waiting for his girlfriend knows the value of time in an hour.
A man who misses the last train knows the value of time in one minute.
A man just surviving an accident knows the value of time in one second.
A runner who wins the race knows the value of time in split second.

How about you ? Have you known the value of your time yet ?

About the Author:
Panitarn Jongprasoplarp is a 16 year old student from Thailand.
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Life is a Series of Letting Go

You see your shit everyday. You’d also smell them and you’d encounter them every time you’d feel that “urge”. Some may have that urge every day, some would also have it every other day. Your everyday shit comes in different color too, depending on what you ate – greenish, yellowish, brownish, sometimes, it even has blood on it.

I perfectly know, IT IS GROSS!!!!!!! (I can add a million exclamation point just so I can emphasize how gross it is).

Man with disgudt on his faceHowever, if we look into it, shit will always be part of our lives - literally and figuratively. Shitty Boss, Shitty Life, Shitty Neighbor, Shitty Job…..

It will always be there and try to piss us off.

Only up until we accepted that universal truth will we only understand what happiness is.

Just like our physical urge to let go of our shit, our life too, is a series of letting go. Letting go of those shit that we encounter everyday – stress from work, pressure from parents, abusive relationship… We have to let go of anger, of jealousy, of greed, that ego and pride that we have inside, We have to let go of who we thought we are just to free our true selves.

We have to know how to declutter and face our shit and release it everyday.

Every time you poo and release that physical shit, isn’t relieving? That finally you have released that funny something in your stomach? Just like letting go, if you do it regularly, you’d also feel an instant relief and you’d be a better person, standing and fighting to live a life.

Everyday shit: just get used to it. Don’t let it bother you, instead, just let it go – just like how our physical body do it; by the end of the day, you’ll say, “SUCCESS!”

PS: A very gross post but, reality sucks. We just have to deal with it.